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Carroll County Detention Center

The 96 bed Carroll County Detention Center opened in the spring of 2005 and employs 32 personnel. The Detention Center personnel consist of 28 detention officers, a staff nurse, a maintenance supervisor, a receptionist, and the administrator.

The function of the Detention Center is to insure the safe keeping of inmates while they navigate through the criminal justice system, in addition to maintaining the safety of the public.

The Detention Center also conducts transports of inmates to and from all court appearance, medical facilities, as well as transfers to and from all law enforcement agencies, jails, and prisons.  

Among the inmates housed at the Detention Center are six state inmates that are used for all maintenance functions throughout the facility. Inmates are also used to maintain two vegetable gardens on the premises. The vegetable gardens not only help off set the cost of food for the inmates, but also are designed to help the area food banks within Carroll County.

Other programs include a work release program designed for inmates that are committed to jail on minor offenses. These inmates are paying their debt to society, but are still able to maintain their private employment status.

Another inmate program is designed to use committed inmates for work crews to help on public works projects, and with non profit organizations. Inmate work crews can also be used to help certain members of the public who are unable to maintain their properties due to physical limitations, and or other criteria. All area ministries are welcome, and many ministers visit with the inmates for their spiritual needs on a regular basis.

The Carroll County Detention Center personnel are proud of our facility, and constantly strive towards professionalism and excellence.